The Johnsonville Sausage Company began in 1945 in a little butcher shop in Johnsonville, Wisconsin.  Ralph F. Stayer and his wife Alice made and sold their now famous Bratwurst and other meats, gaining a reputation for flavor and quality.  Their son, Ralph C. Stayer came into the business after college and eventually took over management of the business, bringing it to global leadership.

The Johnsonville Sausage Marketplace, located in Naples, Florida, is the only retail outlet dedicated to the Johnsonville brand.  The store opened in November, 2015 and was the inspiration of Johnsonville co-owner Shelly Stayer.  Her vision is to provide a market that carries all of the Johnsonville products under one roof. 

The Johnsonville Sausage Marketplace features a down-home and relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a 1940s era butcher shop.  As one might expect, quality is the key to everything – the highest quality sausage, service and complementary products. 

And now, Johnsonville provides the ability to order its products online for personal enjoyment or to send as a gift!  All products are regular sized – no samples or “tasting” sizes, only full-sized Johnsonville goodness.  Choose from any of our gift boxes, as displayed on our web pages, or call the store to arrange for a special order.  Whatever you choose,  we assure you will send or receive the very best quality products.



To create an environment that requires each of us to fully develop our God-given talents and help others do the same.

We’ll achieve this by living The Johnsonville Way.



We at Johnsonville have a moral responsibility to become the Best Company in the World.

We will accomplish this as each one of us becomes better than anyone else at defining, and then serving,

the best interests of all those who have a stake in our success. We will succeed by setting near-term objectives and long-term

goals that will require personal growth and superlative performance by each of us. We will change any objectives or goals that no

longer require personal growth and superlative performance to ones that do.

As an individual, I understand The Johnsonville Way is about my performance and my accountability to the team.

My commitment to stretch, grow and excel is an unending one.

This is The Johnsonville Way and I am committed to it.